St. Lucia Villa Rental - Get Married in St Lucia and stay at the Best Caribbean Villa Rental Akasha

Getting married is a big step and can be rather stressful for all those involved. St Lucia is a great place to get married and stay for your honeymoon. Here at Akasha, we can help you make the arrangements along with local planners and photographers when you book your vacation in paradise.

Enjoy the sprawling beaches, Caribbean sunshine, blue green waters and fabulous resorts. Relax; St Lucia has created a formula for creating a magical experience without the intense planning that usually goes into such an incredible event.

Starting with the laws, St Lucia has made it quite easy to facilitate marriage ceremonies. In fact, wedding planners can handle all the details once they’ve received the proper documents. You won’t need to worry about contacting a local attorney or filing papers.

We can look after the flower arrangements, button holes and bouquets to steel bands, wedding cakes and catering your desires can be fulfilled.

The options are endless. Beach weddings, Botanical Garden weddings, horse and carriage rides, sunsets, whatever you want can be arranged relatively easily, on your part. Even photography and videography can be procured to document your perfect Caribbean wedding.

You will need some documents to make the process go smoothly;
• Passports (valid for a minimum of six months)
• Birth certificates
• Deed poll certificate (if your name has been changed)
• Parental consent by way of an affi davit if below age 18.
• Death certificate and previous marriage certificate (if you’ve been widowed)
• Decree absolute (if you’re divorced)
• Originals or certified documents only
• All legal documents should be faxed to us or the wedding planner to begin the legal process. Documents in a foreign language require authorized English translation.

St. Lucia has a NO RESIDENCY POLICY and visitors arriving to the island for a day can be married within hours.

Some of the local costs involved in getting married include license fees which are as follows:
• $335 if staying on island for 3 days or more.
• $540 for a SPECIAL LICENSE if staying on island less than 24 hours. Application to be married in St. Lucia must be made by a local solicitor to the Attorney General or notary who prepares and signs the license.

Fees you will need to pay
• Notorial Fees and Marriage License: $335EC
• Special Marriage License: $540EC
• Registrar Fee: $100EC
• Marriage Certificate: $8EC

A Few Tips to improve your special day;
• Independent photographers on the island are good – use them, we have a really good one – just look the photos of the villa!
• Sunset weddings can be tricky. Since St Lucia is so near the equator twilight is very short. This could ruin some perfect shots. Instead consider an earlier ceremony with photography scheduled during the sunset.
• Seashore ceremonies are romantic. They can also be hot, sweaty affairs depending on the time of day and the season. Consider photography on the beach and a ceremony at a nearby gazebo or other location.

We can make all this happen if you book the Caribbean’s Best Villa Rental. Bring along some close friends or family members and they can enjoy the villa with you. There’s plenty of space.

If you want to take more strain off your wedding let ask for the all inclusive options – Julietta can even handle the catering for parties of up to 20 guests. International and Creole dishes can be prepared for your feast. We can provide servers for the party so no one has to lift a finger – come and enjoy your wedding, champagne and honeymoon.

Caribbean Best Villa Rental making your wedding less stressful – what are you waiting for.

Akasha has again hit the headlines in another designer magazine, this time in the San Diego Home and Living Magazine as part of their Interior Design Section.

The author is a lady by the name of Lori Smith, she writes about high end villa across the globe. Included in her article are the spectacular pictures featured on our website.

Come to Akasha and check out the luxurious living style that could be yours while you are on vacation – you won’t be disappointed with what you get. A recent guest said – its exactly what’s on the website, no photo shopping here.

As a guest you can have the all inclusive option – breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you like we can also quote you for including the wine and beer for your meals. All this plus the personal touch provided by our local team.

Our aim is to provide luxury, quality and service.

St Lucia is one of the top places for UK sun seekers in the Caribbean.

The reason is easy to see – great people, relaxed atmosphere (chilled to the extreme), locals speak English, constant sunshine, lots of things to do – from zip lining to Piton climbing and much more. So it suits those who want to just chill on the beach and those who fancy being a little more active.

At night time there is plenty to do if you are in the north of the island – bars, street parties and restaurants to suit all pockets. If you come and stay at St Lucia’s most exclusive villa rental Akasha then our Concierge Manager will guide you to where you can find the best of everything and exactly what you are looking for. What’s more he will arrange everything for you. This is the villa where celebrities like Justin Bieber stay when they want to vacation. Enjoy the same all inclusive that they do in this Caribbean Luxury Villa Rental. Enjoy Champagne on us on your first night.

Clearly British Airways can see why more people want to travel to St Lucia and has now increased its direct flights to St Lucia to 5 times a week. Also from the UK you can fly with Virgin .

For those who are flying in from the USA then the choices include – American Airlines, US Airways, Delta, and jetBlue .

From Canada you have the choice of Air Canada or WestJet

Whoever you fly to St Lucia with you will get the same luxury, quality and service from Akasha. Don’t forget we can also arrange for helicopter transfers – great way to start your holiday.

St Lucia’s most luxurious and famous villa rental is offering a special Valentines Day in St Lucia.

Guests who book the villa over Valentine Day for at least 5 days will enjoy a romantic dinner cooked by our 5 star Chef which they can enjoy under the stars with views over the twinkling lights of Rodney Bay and Castries.  The dining balcony easily seats 4 couples in comfort.

In addition to the romantic dinner each guest will get two spa treatments in the privacy of the villa – choose your bedroom or any one of the terraces available.  The favorite place is the Lookout level which has views to the Pitons, over the Caribbean sea and Atlantic Ocean – wow!

It does not end there, St Lucia Luxury Villa Rental Akasha is including breakfast and lunch prepared by our in house Chef – Juliette, who is well known for her local cuisine.  She will prepare Hor’s D’oeuvres for the first evening when chilled Champagne will be waiting for you.

Oh, I should have mentioned that Helicopter transfers on arrival give you some of the best views of the island and it’s great way to begin your romance at St Lucia’s most famous villa where the Rich and Famous come to stay.

This promises to be the most romantic Valentines Day you will ever have – at St Lucia’s most romantic and luxurious Villa Rental. Where better to propose?

One of the regular questions that is asked in the Travel Cyberspace is – “what is All Inclusive” and should you chose that option?

All Inclusive is typically meant to be a vacation or holiday where you pay for everything before you leave home and not have to dip into your pocket for things like – a higher grade of wine in the restaurant or the sunset cruise when you arrive at your resort.   Then there is the question of “is Service Charge included in the All Inclusive rate”.   If it is included – how much of it actually goes to the staff who delivered you that great experience?

Akasha’s St Lucia’s most Luxurious Villa Rental has taken a different approach to All-Inclusive by offering its guests the option to be “Inclusive” as much as they like or not at all.  So how does this work?

Well we start with the initial position of offering our guests a Luxury Villa Rental so the starting standard is pretty high.   Then we offer guests the option to add to that any one or more of a host of options which guests can chose to ‘include or not’ in their vacation.

This way guests at Akasha St Lucia Luxury Villa Rental get to chose exactly what they would like to include in their vacation (and price) with us – so they do not have to pay for things they did not want nor do they have to pay for hidden extras when they get here. Take a look at what you can include as part of your All Inclusive vacation at Akasha St Lucia Luxury Villa Rental.  This we believe is a transparent way of conducting business with our guests so no nasty surprises when you get here.   We quote you a price for your personalized All-Inclusive vacation.

With regard to Service Charge – Akasha St Lucia Luxury Villa Rental leaves that entirely at the discretion of the guests who can reward our staff at the Villa if they wish, there is no preset amount either if guests do chose to give our host team a reward.   This way the whole amount goes directly to the team at the Villa and rightly so!

Being transparent is the way Akasha St Lucia Luxury Villa Rental likes to conduct business.

The UK ITV Film crew have wrapped up another two days of filming at St Lucia’s most Luxurious Villa Rental – Akasha.

The crew were treated to a selection of hor’s d’oeuvres and cocktails on their arrival at St Lucia Luxury Villa Akasha, supplied to us by our friends at Jambe de Bois from Pigeon Island.

On the first full day the Crew spent time taking shots in and around the villa. They also took in a sunset cruise and sipped champagne on the boat ending up at Spinnakers restaurant on the beach for dinner – apparently their full schedule meant they couldn’t fit the two for one hour in (this is usually stretched if you talk to the staff nicely).

The second day consisted of a helicopter flyover Akasha St Lucia Luxury Villa Rental, some super shots apparently according to Fred our Concierge Manager.  Akasha Luxury Villa Rental can’t wait to see them. This was followed by a walk around the Craft Market in Castries hunting for some bargains.   It was then over to Rodney Bay marina and down to Marigot Bay to get some beach shots.  Earl, our taxi driver made sure that they made their tight schedule.  The day was wrapped up with a scrumptious BBQ prepared on the super size Viking BBQ by our Chef Ossie at Akasha St Lucia Luxury Villa Rental.

Julietta, our cook, has been preparing breakfast and lunch for the crew.  She will do the same for you if you chose to stay at Akasha St Lucia Villa Rental and chose one of the All Inclusive packages

We will post another blog for the remaining days the crew are here – so do come back and take another look at Akasha’s St Lucia Luxury Villa Rental blog.

Akasha St Lucia’s most luxurious villa is currently hosting a party  from UK’s top independent broadcaster.  We are also privileged to have staying at the villa a celebrity who is narrating the filming.

During their stay at Akasha St Lucia Luxury Villa Rental the party will not only film the inside of the Luxury Rental Villa and its grounds they will be treated to a number of the activities we can arrange for our guests.

The crew will be sampling and filming;

  • the delights of our massages
  • a sunset sail on the Caribbean sea with Champagne
  • the services of our first class chef
  • a motor cruise down to the World Heritage Pitons
  • Jet skiing
  • in house cook to prepare breakfast and lunch
  • dinner at some of recommended restaurants
  • plus the views from Akasha Luxury Villa Rental

Take a look at our complete list of Concierge services and see how you could make your vacation extra special.  This is ‘inclusive’ redefined, not your normal run of the mill inclusive resorts – here you decide what you want and when.

At Akasha Luxury St Lucia Villa Rental there are no crowds or strangers – just you and your party along with the views to the Pitons, sunsets and Caribbean sea.

We will be releasing the videos being shot during January so you can get a closer look at Akasha St Lucia Luxury Villa Rental.

St Lucia’s Best Villa Rental from Akasha St Lucia on Vimeo.

Akasha Saint Lucia luxury villa rental offers all its guest the opportunity to book a variety of activities prior to the arrival. This means guests have more time to relax and do what they came to do – vacation, and not spend time arranging things.

Over the next few months we will be blogging about each of the activities in more detail to help you decide which activities are right for you perfect St Lucia vacation.

In this blog we expand on one of our favourite – the motor cruise on the Caribbean Sea. This can be a half or full day cruise in a 30ft motor boat which can easily accommodate 8 people. You are transported from the luxury villa down to Rodney Marina which is about 8 minute drive. Captain Tom will greet you at the dock and introduce you to your crew. After a short safety demonstration by the crew you set sail and you can decide where you want to cruise to.

Our favourite route is to sail past Pigeon Island – a national park and head north. This will bring you up to Cariblue beach from where you will see Akasha St Lucia luxury villa rental up on the hill. Here you can snorkel for a while and then head back south. Cruise past Reduit beach towards the Ti Kayi resort where there are some of the best diving and snorkelling on the island. Along the way you will see some of the more well known resorts – where the crowds go and some of the other villas on the island of St Lucia. Here you start to appreciate the beauty of the landscape and realise why St Lucia is called Helen of the Caribbean.

Sail past Soufrier, and wonder at the sheer scale of the Pitons. These are a UNESCO Heritage World Site. They rise up from the sea like two gigantic icebergs covered in lush green foliage. Once you see them you appreciate why they are so special. This is what makes St Lucia so different from any other Caribbean island – this is paradise for honeymooners and families alike.

Here we often see dolphins playing around the boat – Captain Tom seems have a sixth sense of where they hang out. He also knows where the all those inaccessible beaches are and is happy to anchor there while you just chill or set up a barbeque. For lunch there are numerous places you can choose from 4 star hotel to a local restaurant. Some of the beaches will be especially attractive to honeymooners who want privacy and romance.

If you fancy, take in a mud bath in the Sulphur springs and a walk around the Botanical gardens then we dock in Soufrier and a taxi will take you up to the springs and the gardens.

There is so much to choose from – and just to make it even more complicated we will put together a ‘hamper’ including some local beer and champagne for your party to take on this glorious day.
Akasha is always looking for ways to make your vacation experience what it should be – memorable for all the right reasons. Akasha St Lucia’s premier villa rental will make this a trip to remember.

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Akasha Saint Lucia luxury villa rental offers all its guest the opportunity to book a variety of activities prior to the arrival. This means guests have more time to relax and do what they came to do – vacation, and not spend time arranging things.

Over the next few months we will be blogging about each of the activities in more detail to help you decide which activities are right for you perfect St Lucia vacation.

In this blog we describe the Piton Hike, at the UNESCO World Heritage Site on the Caribbean coast. This is a trip for the more active of our guests – but you don’t have to be an athlete to complete it just able to walk up hill at a reasonable pace for a few hours. We think the downhill walk is more difficult, but what do we know. The hike is done at your pace but always with a guide – these are fully trained by the local authorities and know the right path to take.

From Akasha St Lucia luxury villa rental you will be driven (recommended) or you can drive yourself and we will provide you with directions to Gros Piton which is the larger of the two at 2620 feet above sea level. Petite Piton at 2460 feet above sea level can be hiked but is for the more adventurous and is more difficult due to its steepness. Both are volcanic plugs which rise up from the sea.

The drive takes about 40 minutes. On the way south from Akasha there will be some really fantastic views so bring your camera along. You will also pass through the town of Soufriere which is an old French settlement. It’s where they established their base when they first came to the island. The architecture is rather reminiscent of an old French town. There are also several local restaurants at which you can stop at and enjoy some local dishes. Fred – Akasha’s manager will be happy to provide some recommendations not only for the restaurants but also beaches you may want to take a break at. You can even sample some fresh local Cassava bread and if you are really lucky see the old snake charmer by the road side.

You will need to take ample water with you as you need to make sure you do not become dehydrated!

On arrival at Gros Piton you will be met by the local guides who will give you a briefing about the hike. Make sure you take some sturdy walking shoes – you can put your flip flops back on when you get back. Along the way the guide will show you where the most advantageous spots are for the golden moment for a picture. Always take the advice of the guides – there have been incidents in the past where a rescue helicopter has had to be called out when some tourists went up on their own and got lost.

The whole hike can take about 3 to 5 hours so it is possible to combine this trip with one of the other activities – e.g. sulphur hot springs (hot mud baths), botanical gardens or just a chill on a local beach – take a picnic along.

For the really adventurous and climbers amongst you there is Mount Gimie, which is the highest point in St Lucia at 3117 feet above sea level, and visible from Akasha’s look out level and terraces. This is definitely requires guides as the route is less easy to find and has denser foliage covering the path. A full day is required for this beautiful and tropical hike.

So if this happens to take your fancy then Akasha St Lucia luxury villa rental will be happy to arrange it for you – just ask when booking.

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